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Innovative, simple & effective
member communication apps

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Be visible

Keep front of mind with
your customers at any time

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Be smart

Streamline all your communication
channels to your customers' smartphone

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Be interesting

Share news, calendars, video, social
polls & more with your customers

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Save money

Provides free & unlimited
marketing to your customers

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Perfect for:

• Health Clubs
• Sports Clubs
• Leisure Centres
• Attractions
• Play Centres

• Youth Clubs
• Schools & Colleges
• Student Unions
• Restaraunts
• Bars

Stay visible

Keep in touch with your members and build strong, lasting relationships through regular push messaging

Generate rich content

Create & share compelling, varied content with video, image galleries, polls & integrated social media

Enjoy an easy life

Forget about tariffs & charges, streamline all of your communication channels into one, simple, convenient & free to use app

Why use an app?

There are many reasons why now is a good time to be considering an app for your organisation…

Smartphone ownership in the UK is now up to 50%, and this figure is expected to keep climbing up to 70% by the year 2017.

The smartphone has become the key personal communication & organisation device, essential to life in 21st C.

Nowadays, 80% of the time users spent on their smartphones is on apps.


Smartphone ownership

in the UK by 2017


of time spent on Smartphones

is spent on apps

Apperio for your organisation

If your organisation has a member base that it would like to regularly talk to then investing in an app could well be the answer.
Take a look at some of the benefits of choosing Apperio as your communication platform

  • Simple to setup

    Follow the easy, online step by step guide & use the intuitive drag & drop elements to create your very own app in minutes. Customise your design, choose your features and start talking!

  • Simple to customise

    Every app can be tailored to your needs, upload your own logo or image, choose your colours and ensure your app communicates a consistent brand message

  • Easy to maintain

    Once your app is setup, sending ongoing communication couldn’t be easier – simply type your message, upload your rich media & share with the click of a button

  • Economical

    Unlike many other forms of digital communication, push notifications incur no tariffs or charges leaving your budget free to be spent elsewhere!

  • Liberating

    With no useage limits placed on your push messaging, you are free to talk to your members about whatever you like, whenever you like, as much as you like!

  • Time friendly

    Apperio combines all of your communication channels & social media into a single, convenient solution, meaning you only have to tell people once!

Apperio for your members

Apperio not only benefits your organisation; your members also get a great means of staying up to date.
Take a look at some of the Apperio member benefits below

  • Free to download

    Unlike many apps, Apperio is completely free for your members to download & contains no advertising, so they avoid distraction & save money too!

  • Accesible

    Apperio is available for your members to download on both Apple & Android devices, so no matter what phone they have, they can join in too!

  • Convenient

    With push notifications alerting your members to the presence of new messages & content, they can stay in touch & up to date with the latest news

  • Mobile

    Unlike some forms of communication, Apperio allows your members to access & enjoy your content and conversations on the go, no matter where they are!

"The single biggest problem in

communication is the illusion

that it has taken place."


create strong relationships."

"My belief is that communication

is the best way to


Apperio features

Apperio has a large and growing list of valuable features for you and your members to enjoy.

  • News & Alerts

    Create news posts & send members
    notifications or link to your RSS feed

  • Calendars & Events

    Maintain real time calendars or schedule events

  • Share Video

    Embed YouTube or Vimeo links

  • Generate Galleries

    Create & share images from your events

  • Polls & Questions

    Interact with members and collect data

  • Push Messaging

    Unlimited Push Messaging to your App users

  • Social Media

    Compress all of your social media into one place

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